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Proverbidioms IV - Who Missed the Boat

Proverbidioms IV: Who Missed the Boat?

Adding fuel to the fire
Afraid of oneís own shadow
All roads lead to Rome
Almighty dollar
Anchor store
As the crow flies
Balancing act
Barn raising
Beans, beans, the more you eat the more you toot
Bear down
Beat around the bush
Behind the scenes
Behind the times
Beware of Greeks bearing gifts
Beyond the pale
Big crybaby
Big guns
Big guy upstairs
Big shot
Big ticket
Boat people
Born and bred
Brush with death
Burn oneís bridges
Bury the hatchet
Busy as a bee
Carries a lot of weight around here
Carrot and stick
Carved in stone
Cash cow
Catís pajamas
Change of heart
Change oneís tune
Closet queen
Come apart at the seams
Cool as a cucumber
Creature comforts
Dark horse
Days are numbered
Deep six
Do I look like a just fell off the turnip truck?
Donít wash your dirty laundry in public
Down in the mouth
Drag oneís feet/heels
Drag queen
Eat and run
Eat like a pig
Excess baggage
Fan the flames
Fast food
Fell through the cracks
Fish out of water
Fish story
Free ride
Full of beans
Funny money
Get oneís feet wet
Get oneís Irish up
Giant among men
Going ëround in circles
Going downhill
Got to run
Gravy train
Hang ups
Have a cow
He who hesitates is lost
Heavy heart
High and dry
Hit the big time
Hold the phone
Hold your horses
Holy cow
Hot number
House sitter
Hung out to dry
Icing on the cake
In a jam
In full swing
In the doghouse
In the limelight
In the same boat
It takes two to tango
Itís about time
Itís Greek to me
Jump ship
Jump through hoops
Keep your chin up
Kiss of death
Lame duck
Liar, liar, pants on fire
Light in the loafers
Little bird told me
Live on the edge
Looks like they just got off the boat
Loose cannon
Make a beeline for
Make a long story short
Make a pig of oneself
Mindís eye
Missed the boat
Monkey business
Monkey on oneís back
Monkey see, monkey do
Monkey suit
Mountain man
Mumís the word
My bags are packed
My lucky star
My name is mud
Nest egg
New age
Night is young
Number one
Old school
Old windbag
On the Fritz
On the money
On the rocks
On the run
One track mind
One-night stand
Open a can of worms
Out of the closet (coming)
Paper tiger
Pay the piper
Pick a number
Pick someoneís brain
Plain sailing
Pop the question
Pork and beans
Pull oneself up by the bootstraps
Pull out all the stops
Pull strings
Pull the wool over oneís eyes
Puppet master
Push over the edge
Put out to pasture
Raise the roof
Rake over the coals
Reach for the sky
Red-letter day
Rise and shine
Road hog
Roll in the hay
Roll out the red carpet
Run down
Sacred cow
Sad sack
Safe and sound
Sands of time
Second to none
Separate the men from the boys
Sign of the times
Smart cookie
Smoking gun
Spill the beans
Stick to your guns
Sticky fingers
Strong as a bull
Swing both ways
Take a dive
Take it on the chin
Take off the gloves
Take the cake 
Take the plunge
There are two sides to every story
Three square meals
Tickled to death
Time and time again
Tip the balance
Too big for oneís britches
Too many irons in the fire
Train of thought
Tread on eggs
Turn on the waterworks
Uphill climb
Water over the dam
Water under the bridge
Weíll cross that bridge when we come to it
Weigh oneís words
Wet blanket
When hell freezes over
Where do we go from here?
Why the long face?
Will remain nameless
Wolf in sheepís clothing
Work like a dog
Worker bees
You can lead a horse to water but you canít make him drink

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