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Thank you so much for purchasing a SunsOut puzzle. We hope you enjoy it.

If you are a consumer and have experienced a problem with a SunsOut puzzle, please review our policies below. 

If the problem meets our policies for replacement, please fill out the form below and submit. Please allow time for a response from our customer service. 

If you do not meet our requirements, you should check with the store/retailer you purchased the puzzle from regarding their return policy.

Policies Regarding Missing Pieces and Manufacturing Issues

1. Our employees and manufacturing partners try their very best to ensure our customers the best possible puzzle experience. Though rare, mistakes in the manufacturing process can occur. We understand this causes frustration and   sometimes anger; but treating our employees poorly is never acceptable. We will not respond to any requests for service that are disparaging, rude or demeaning.

2. In our 26+ years as a leader in the puzzle industry, we’ve always strived for excellence in quality and design. Unfortunately, mistakes in the manufacturing process do happen from time to time. If you believe a piece is missing from the factory-sealed box, please take the time to search on your own before submitting a request form. You would be surprised where pieces show up! We have reports of pieces discovered in bathrobe pockets, under the rug or made off with by an inquisitive cat. If after a week or so the piece has not turned up, please follow the procedures to request a replacement puzzle.

3. We Cannot replace individual pieces.  Due to the unique die-cutting process, the pieces from a replacement puzzle will not match the original. (Trust us it is complicated! Each puzzle really is unique.)  If your request meets all of our criteria, and at our sole discretion, we will either have a replacement puzzle sent OR provide a gift certificate redeemable through an online retailer. In redeeming the gift certificate you agree to be subject to all terms and conditions of the online retailer, including its shipping policies.

4. We cannot refund purchases. SunsOut does not sell directly to consumers and therefore we cannot refund money we never received.

5. Only puzzles you purchased or received in factory seal are eligible for replacement. Puzzles purchased second-hand (for example, Ebay and garages sales), used, found, etc. are not eligible for replacement.

6. The information we request (e.g. trace code, place of purchase, etc.) are required for a reason. We need that information to trace the manufacturing defect and maintain quality control.

7. Only one replacement per customer.

8. No replacements can be sent outside of the U.S. or Canada.

9. We reserve the right to deny replacement if it does not meet these policies, including failure to provide all requested information.

Product Issues

Step 1 - Shipping Information
Step 2 - Product Information
Step 3 - Quality Issue
If you selected "Other" for "Problem Type" above, please explain.
Add to receipt photo below (If available)
Add to receipt photo below (If available)
Usually stamped on the bottom of the box. Begins with the letter P, LPI, SO or LFU (LFU may be printed into one of the sides of the lid box). This makes it easier for us to trace what went wrong!
Please take a photo of your puzzle in gif, jpg or png format and attach it to this form.
Please take a photo of your receipt in gif, jpg or png format and attach it to this form (if available).


We do not ship product direct to consumers.

Visit our "Where to Buy" section of our website.
We do not send catalogs to consumers.

(do not call this number if you are not a wholesale customer/retail store)

Email for catalogs or pricing:


Artwork for our product is reviewed via email only.
Send low resolution jpegs with your name and return phone
or email to: (product submissions only - NOT for any other issue! )

This is for art for review from artists only.  Customer Service issues will not be answered at this email.  

You will receive a reply.



If you have an inquiry NOT related to product problems or replacement you may contact us at:

PLEASE NOTE: You will be redirected to complete the Product Issue form above if your inquiry is related to a complaint or problem regarding a puzzle.

If you want to let us know how much you enjoy our puzzles we always love to hear that!!!


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