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A poisonous plant with bright yellow cup-shaped flowers.

Insects with beautiful colored wings.

A fast-running ground cuckoo with a long tail and crest.

A popular cultivated viola with flowers in rich colors.

Beautiful colored bird. Macaw is one type.

Large water bird with long beak and throat pouch.

Flower with five petals.

Common pet bird.

A king-sized member of the parrot family.

This flower: a small reddish animal plus a baseball mitt.

Small songbird native to Africa.

Most popular romantic flower.

This is a Bellis perennis.

Martins and saw-wings are closely related to this bird.

"As the ____ flies"

Thi is a family of mostly small, brownish, passerine birds.

A very large oceanic bird with long narrow wings, up to 10 feet wide.

It gives a hoot.

"Quoth the _____ nevermore."

Elegant wading bird, also a hotel in Las Vegas.

A seabird related to the gull.

A sweetly scented, highly poisonous woodland flowering plant (4 words).

This flower resembles a dragon's face.

A flowering shrub in the Rhododendron family.

Other common names for this insect are milkweed, common tiger, wanderer, and black veined brown.

Common name for over 1,000 species of flowering plants.

This plant has very large flowers.

Large, showy and brightly coloured flowers, generally red, pink, yellow, or white.

It's name literally is "nose twister."

This brightly marked bird has an oversized bill.

Brightly colored orange and yellow flower.

The forked appearance of its hindwings give rise to its name.

This "hooter" is native to Arctic regions.

Destructive loud bird.

This poisonous plant has bright flowers.

This bird is the symbol of peace.

Its color is part of its name.

Romantic flower plus woman's name.

The "tuxedo" bird.

A large white parrot.

Official flower of the city of Chicago.

It has a lovely fragrance and a sweet taste.

A large fish-eating wading bird with long legs and a long S-shaped neck

A fairly large, slender songbird with long legs.

1975 movie: Three Days of the _______

One of the first flowers to bloom in the spring.

Expensive plant with exquisite flowers.

A highly fragrant flower that blooms in dense clusters.

A heron that has white or buff plumage.

A scavenging bird.

This flower shares its name with a marine animal.

Easy to grow favorite of gardeners, it has a sweet scent.

A bird whose names rhymes with inch.

This bird is the symbol of America.

A long-winged web-footed seabird with a loud call.

Insect that damages clothes.

Bright flowers often used as ground cover.

It's a mainstay of foundation gardens for generations.

This flower's name is also a movie name and city in California near L.A.

Highly social and vocal bird.

This bird flaps its wings so fast that it makes a sound.

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