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They are used for baking and in making fries, chips, mashed, au gratin and others.

They can be prepared in many ways: hard-boiled, fried, poached, scrambled, etc.

Used in pies, they are grown notably for for Halloween Jack-O'-Lanterns

Living quarters on the farm.

These farm animals are related to sheep.

These fruits are used in juice and are a big export from Florida.

These are babies of a common farm animal.

The process of extracting milk from a common farm animal.

The are grown on trees in orchards.

A machine using belts that enables moving crops and other items from a lower to a higher level.

Turning over farmland before planting.

A sweet fruit grown in Hawaii and California.

These tall perennial true grasses are used to produce a common sweetener.

Housing for farm egg producers.

A purple farm crop often baked and roasted.

This fruit makes a great snack and is used to make wine.

This delicious fruit makes a great dessert, plain or covered with chocolate.

A container filled with food or water for animals.

A farm machine that harvests cotton seed and lint.

Burrowing, gregarious, plant-eating mammals with long ears, long hind legs, and a short tail.

Bringing H2O to crops.

A farm building where some animals are housed.

A machine used for digging on the farm.

This machine makes it efficient to gather crops when ripe.

Large birds grown for their delicious meat.

An adult male chicken.

A legume that is a major export of the U.S.

A general farm utility vehicle.

Common farm animals that produce milk.

Where a very common yellow crop is grown.

A working farm animal used to pull farm equipment.

When farm animals eat food.

Farm animals that can be used for work and/or for riding.

Farm structures used to store grain and other crops.

Porky was the most famous one.

Automated method by which large areas of land are watered.

Keeps animals in enclosed areas.

They are raised for eggs and meat.

Farm machinery that performs several tasks relating to harvesting crops.

This comes in bales.

Another word for sowing.

Pointed farm tool.

Summertime crop that's green on the outside, red on the inside.

All purpose farm machine.

The offspring of a male donkey and a female horse.

Green produce. Varities include iceberg, romaine and others.

Green plants in the gourd family that are used as a vegetable.

Where cattle are raised.

All purpose farm vehicle.

Small airplane used to spray crop protection products.

Used to prepare a seedbed for the crop.

Crops that have been gathered and are ready to eat.

Looks like a llama but is smaller.

Small piece of equipment used to transport many different items.

Common farm crop. Varities include string, soy, green, etc.

A grass widely cultivated for its seed, a cereal grain.

A person who works on a farm.

A hand tool used to gather straw, weeds, etc.

Its wool is the most widely used animal fiber.

Long orange vegetable that's grown in the ground.

Source of water.

Automated way to get the white stuff from cows.

Red vegetables used to make ketchup.

Like straw, also comes in bales.

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